Health Tips

sambucus elderberry syrup benefits

Does Black Elderberry Syrup Really Fight Cold and Flu Viruses?

I started taking Black Elderberry Syrup during the winter a few years back. Why? Because I heard it was good for fighting cold and flu viruses. But I don’t remember the source and if it was based on hearsay or scientific facts. So I did some digging and looked for scientific-based research for proof that

hario mini mill slim hand coffee grinder

Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Grinder Makes a Great Cup of Coffee

The Hario Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder is a hand-powered burr grinder that is an awesome alternative to the traditional, larger size conical burr grinders. Why? Because at a fraction of the price of a larger capacity, electric-powered burr grinder, you get the

omega light box therapy for sad or insomnia

Using a Blue Light Therapy Box for Insomnia and SAD

I’ve always had trouble falling asleep and decided to give a light therapy box a try. I’ve been using it consistently for over a year now and it has definitely improved my sleep-wake cycle. Many nights I just could not fall asleep and

Easy, Homemade Recipes

cranberry sauce recipes relish whole cooked and jellied

3 Unordinary Cranberry Sauce Recipes – Fresh Relish, Cooked Whole and Jellied

Like many of you, I grew up eating jellied cranberry sauce from the can…Plop. Then one Thanksgiving, a guest brought homemade orange-cranberry sauce that

cronut cross between croissant and doughnut

Copycat Cronut Recipes For Your Croissant-Doughnut Fix

Have you heard of Cronuts®? It’s the resulting pastry love-child from a

apple clafoutis recipe quick and easy dessert

Quick and Easy Cast Iron Skillet Clafoutis Recipe

Clafoutis has been one of my favorite cast iron skillet recipes because it such a quick and easy dessert to make. With our abundant fruit this year from our trees, I have alternated between making peach and apple clafoutis, straying from the traditional cherry. So feel free to

Gardening Tips

harvested potatoes

How to Grow Potatoes in Straw or Soil from Seed or Sprouted Potatoes

We have been growing potatoes very successfully for several years and for us, potatoes have become one of the few special vegetables that we plant every year in our

potato container gardening

How To Grow Potatoes By Container Gardening – Don’t Throw Those Sprouted Taters Out!

Wondering how to grow potatoes in a container garden? Last year I experimented by planting a single seed potato in a 10 gallon (40 quart) tub. We had used the tub several years earlier as part of  a container gardening when our

wall of water tomatoes

Wall of Water Increased Growing Degree Days for Tomatoes & More

We use Wall Of Water (see detailed review) and have several small greenhouses to grow the vegetables we want in our short growing season. Last year, I used a min-max thermometer to show how the greenhouses increased the total Growing Degree Days (GDD). This season, I have done the same to measure any GDD advantage […]

DIY Projects, Home Improvement & Repair

make your own draft stopper

10 DIY Tips To Lower Your Heating Bill, But Still Stay Warm And Cozy

According to the US Department of Energy, 45% of our energy bills is spent on heating our homes. You can save hundreds of dollars with minimal effort and you don’t have to do it by

Dish network dvr receiver not working

Dish Network DVR Receiver Not Working? Here’s a Solution That DISH Won’t Tell You

Does your DISH receiver (DVR 625, 722, 612, 512, Hopper models) keep turning on and off? Does it constantly crash and reboot itself for

how to repair a showerhead with no hot water

DIY Shower Head Repairs: 2 Oh-So-Wrongs and 1 Right

The following DIY shower head replacement is obviously more about being thrifty than anything else since the garden hose spray nozzle is