DIY Greenhouse Plans

First, choose what kind of greenhouse you would like to build:

Build a Small, Inexpensive & Portable Greenhouse

This small greenhouse will get you a head start on planting your garden in the spring and extend the growing season into fall. These are simple plans than anyone can build in an afternoon. Once built it can be easily installed, taken down and stored away or moved to another location.
portable greenhouse plans

A-Frame Greenhouse Plans:

  • Includes step-by-step details for  how to build a 5’x10′ A-Frame greenhouse from PVC and plastic sheeting
  • Includes plans for a raised garden bed (if you don’t already have one)
  • Has over 40 photos & diagram illustrations to demonstrate instructions
  • Once familiar with the assembly process, the greenhouse can be completely removed in
    about 5 minutes and re-assembled in about 15 minutes
  • Can be used to start plants earlier in the spring, finish ripening later into the fall, or plant again late summer/early fall
  • Much cheaper than those flimsy “greenhouse kits” that cost $200 or more!
  • Proven to stand up to heavy snow and strong winds

small greenhouse plans review  “I loved this book. The photos are extremely well done, the explanations are very well thought-out, I can’t wait to get started on our little greenhouse.” -T Adams

Quick Install – Easy Peasy!

In real-time, it takes about 15-20 minutes to install or take down the greenhouse by yourself. We sped it up in the video to save boring watching-time, but to demonstrate how easy it is to put up when you want it. Sure, it will take a little longer on your first install, but will become easier on subsequent installs and take-downs during future garden seasons.

How The Greenhouse Stands Up To High Winds

Some have wondered how well the plastic will hold up to windy conditions. Will it tear? Hasn’t yet in years, even on a day when the wind speed was over 50 mph. Here we shot some video on a day with winds gusting to 45 mph:

You Can Get Our Portable, Small Greenhouse Plans Here:

pvc greenhouse plans

How to Build a Walk-In Greenhouse

This walk-in, ventilated greenhouse will provide plenty of room to start growing your vegetables earlier in the spring and later into the fall. Comparable greenhouse kits will cost you $500+. You can build this one that will be stronger and more durable for less than $250.walk-in greenhouse plans

Walk-In Greenhouse Plans:

  • Includes a step-by-step guide for building a low-cost 8’x10′ wood & PVC A-frame greenhouse with plastic sheeting (includes plans for extended lengths up to 20 feet)
  • There are over 90 diagrams & photos to illustrate instructions
  • Design includes 3 removable side panels to allow for customized ventilation
  • Complete list of materials and cuts
  • Detailed plans designed for a minimal amount of tools
  • Start plants earlier in spring, more ripe veggies later into fall
  • Proven to withstand strong winds
  • Can be easily built in just a weekend & used for many seasons

small greenhouse plans review “This book was very detailed but yet easy to read and understand. I usually make a mess out of d.i.y. projects but I actually think I will be able to complete this one. Because I never know how my projects will turn out I am reluctant to spend a lot of money but this d.i.y. is very affordable…” -Bruce Austin

Get Your Walk-In Greenhouse Plans Here:

diy walk-in greenhouse plans

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Other Gardening Guides

We also have a guide for raised garden bed plans if you are interested in raised bed gardening. Just FYI, our small greenhouse plans listed above does include the raised bed plans already in the ebook. However, we do go into more detail and offer more information about different raised bed designs.  Just follow the link for more information.