DIY Greenhouse Plans

First, choose what kind of greenhouse you would like to build:

Build a Small, Inexpensive & Portable Greenhouse

portable greenhouse plans
This small greenhouse will give you a head start on planting your garden in the spring and extend the growing season into fall.

These are simple plans than anyone can build in an afternoon.

Once built it can be easily installed, taken down and stored away or moved to another location.

PVC Hoop-House Greenhouse Plans:

  • Low cost & simple – can be built almost any size to suit your needs
  • Includes step-by-step details to build various sized hoop houses from PVC and plastic sheeting
  • Project can be completed in just a few hours
  • Requires minimal list of tools
  • Includes plans and instruction for raised garden beds
  • Once familiar with the assembly process, the Hoop House can be completely removed in 5 minutes and re-assembled in 15 minutes
  • Extends growing season – start plants earlier in spring & harvest later into the fall
  • Hoop house can be used for entire growing season or only when needed
  • Allows us to grow warm weather crops in our cold, high elevation climate
  • Increases average temperatures, increases heat units and growing degrees days (GDD)
  • Sturdier and less expensive than small flimsy “greenhouse kits” that cost $200 or more
  • Proven to withstand winds over 50 mph with no tearing

Includes 37 Diagrams & Photos, Material Lists, Scale Drawings and Detailed Directions for Greenhouse Construction:

  • Material lists and costs estimates for 26 different hoop house width x length x height combinations
  • 8 material lists and costs from a 4 x 8 foot hoop house up to a 12 x 12 foot hoop house
  • Detailed scale drawing designed to help you decide what size hoop house you need
  • Simple directions for building, leveling and squaring the base frame
  • Includes detailed cut lists for lumber, PVC pipe and plastic sheeting
  • Includes 37 diagrams and photos
  • Includes 27 tables

Bonus Sections in Addition to Greenhouse Plans

  • Notes on site selection
  • Making homemade PVC clamps
  • Notes on hoop house management
  • Using pressure treated wood in your garden
  • PVC safety precautions
  • Greenhouse & gardening resources

small greenhouse plans review  “Thanks, very informative and good precise lists on what materials to use for each size of greenhouse. Also good info on how to determine what shape/size of greenhouse you need depending on your needs/plants or tall growing veggies!” – Lisa D

small greenhouse plans reviewThis book covers every aspect of building a simple greenhouse regardless of your needs. This book is a blueprint that anyone can follow, it explains the building process clearly and concisely and I am confident that with this book as my guide I can successfully build the greenhouse that fits my personal needs” – Draven

Get Our Portable, Small Greenhouse Plans Here:

pvc greenhouse plans
portable greenhouse plans

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How to Build a Walk-In Greenhouse

walk-in greenhouse plans
This walk-in, ventilated greenhouse will provide plenty of room to start growing your vegetables earlier in the spring and later into the fall.

Comparable greenhouse kits will cost you $1,000+ and a flimsy plastic green house with a zipper can cost $400.

You can build this one that will be stronger and more durable for less than $275.

Walk-In Greenhouse Plans:

  • Includes a step-by-step guide for building a low-cost 8’x10′ wood & PVC A-frame greenhouse with plastic sheeting (includes plans for extended lengths up to 20 feet)
  • There are over 88 diagrams & photos to illustrate instructions
  • Design includes 3 removable side panels to allow for customized ventilation
  • Complete list of materials and cuts
  • Detailed plans designed for a minimal amount of tools
  • Start plants earlier in spring, more ripe veggies later into fall
  • Proven to withstand strong winds
  • Can be easily built in just a weekend & used for many seasons

small greenhouse plans review “This book was very detailed but yet easy to read and understand. I usually make a mess out of d.i.y. projects but I actually think I will be able to complete this one. Because I never know how my projects will turn out I am reluctant to spend a lot of money but this d.i.y. is very affordable…” -Bruce Austin

small greenhouse plans review “The instructions in this book were very simple and complete. So easy to read and understand. The materials for this DIY greenhouse are easy to find and inexpensive. The pictures were very helpful.” -Victoria

Get Your Walk-In Greenhouse Plans Here:

diy walk-in greenhouse plans
walk-in greenhouse plans

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Bundle & Save – Get Both Greenhouse Plans at a Discount!

hoop house and walk-in greenouse plans

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