More Helicobacter pylori Natural Remedies

umf active manuka honey for h. pylori

Our previous article on H. pylori natural treatments focused on taking Active Manuka Honey and Mastic Gum to eradicate the bacteria.

Below I will discuss additional alternative, natural remedies don’t have as much hard research as Manuka Honey & Mastic Gum treatments do, but there is supportive evidence for aiding in

H. pylori eradication and preventing future infections. I usually take at least one of these items on a daily basis, but certainly not all.

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice

DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) shows some evidence in healing ulcers, but more study is needed.

The reason why the glycyrrhizin has been removed in DGL is because it can cause high blood pressure, edema and have other side effects. So don’t just start eating lots of licorice root (nor licorice candy!) – Make sure you get a supplement that contains DGL licorice only.

When my stomach gets upset, I chew one or two tablets 20 minutes before a meal.

For treatment, one suggested dosing is 750-1,500 mg/day for 8-16 weeks which had the best results in reducing ulcers & inflammation.

And make sure you take the time to chew the tablet well. Something about the chewing and the production of saliva helps the DGL do it’s job. It’s meant to stimulate secretin which protects and coats your stomach’s lining.

It’s best taken on an empty stomach before your meals. Note that these do not taste like licorice candy (they’re not meant to!) and those who do not like black licorice will definitely not enjoy chewing these. I’m not a big fan of the taste, but I take them anyway simply because they work.

Here’s a study from back in 1975 that showed DGL treatment healed 32 patients with chronic duodenal ulcers. There was also a study done in 1985 that showed DGL (in Caved-S tablets) was as effective as cimitidine (name brand i.e., Tagament) in curing ulcers.

I use Enzymatic Therapy brand DGL which contains 380 mg of deglycyrrhizinated licorice per tablet; Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract ratio of 3:1. I like this brand because it contains no artificial flavors or colors, no preservative and if you are sensitive, contains no wheat, gluten, soy, corn, yeast or dairy products.

Broccoli Sprouts

broccoli sprouts pyloriBroccoli Sprouts contain the biochemical sulforaphane which acts as an antibiotic against H. pylori.  This study on mice and humans from 2009 demonstrated that a daily intake of broccoli sprouts for 2 months reduced H. pylori colonization and enhanced the mucosa lining for protection against H. pylori infection.

Fresh broccoli sprouts are different than the normal mature broccoli heads you are used to seeing at the grocery store and contain much higher concentrations of sulforaphane.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen broccoli sprouts at my grocery store and haven’t sprouted seeds myself, so to make things simple I buy broccoli sprout extract in tablet form.

The aforementioned study had patients eating 2.5 oz (70 g) of broccoli sprouts daily for 2 months which demonstrated a reduction in H. pylori infection growth.

As I said, I take Source Naturals Broccoli Sprouts Extract tablets containing 500 mg of a standardized extract (2 tablets) yielding 2,000 mcg of sulforaphane (equivalent to eating more than a pound of fresh broccoli!) as a preventative at least 4 times a week with my meals. If you are infected already with H. pylori, then you may want to consider taking it daily.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

extra virgin coconut oil

I like to buy cooconut oil that has not been heated or chemically treated when processed.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil contains lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid, which has antimicrobial activity against Helicobacter pylori and destroys the cell membrane.

In one article I read, patients took 3 teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil 3x/day for a month and at the end of the treatment period, they tested negative for H. pylori and their symptoms were gone.

Dr. Oz has recommended taking this amount a day as well. On a side note, coconut oil is also good for eliminating fungal infections, including Candida albicans yeast and Chlamydia trachomatis. It is also one of the few healthy saturated fats containing medium chain fatty acids which the body can readily metabolize as opposed to something like animal saturated fats that contain large chain fatty acids and will make you fat.

You don’t have to take a teaspoon of oil just by itself. Be creative. I sometimes add it to my coffee, spread it over a granola bar, add it to rice (like Jamaican peas & rice, mmm!), use as a replacement for butter, etc..

My favorite brand to use is Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which is unrefined, cold-pressed and non-GMO, but there are other brands (such as the Jarrow coconut oil pictured above) that are just as good too. Just read the label to know you are getting quality coconut oil – at minimum that it is virgin coconut oil – heat or chemicals are not used in the refining process.

Red Wine

red wine resveratrol pyloriRed Wine contains resveratrol which this study has shown to have antibacterial activity against H. pylori, specifically Chilean red wines, Cabernets and Pinot Noir which have high concentrations of resveratrol. Other research has shown that in addition to Cabernets and Pinot Noir, Zinfandels and Merlots also have antimicrobial properties for fighting H. pylori.

And it’s not just the grape factor that is beneficial – so you cannot just drink regular grape juice. It’s the combination of the alcohol, acidity and resveratrol in wine that best fights the bacteria. I wouldn’t use red wine as your main method for curing H. pylori, but a glass a day or every once in awhile wouldn’t hurt and be another good reason for having one. 😉


tumeric curcumin for inflammationTurmeric (Curcuma longa) contains an active compound called curcumin which has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has been shown to inhibit the growth of H. pylori. One recommendation calls for taking 400-800 mg of turmeric powder per day to stop H. pylori growth.

I do not regularly take turmeric, but I have it out on our kitchen counter to remind me to use it when cooking. I sometimes add it to my green juice drinks or smoothies or add it to my food, especially Indian dishes, as a seasoning. I’m not sure if heated that the curcumin is as effective as when used unheated, but I have not found any evidence to say otherwise.

Note: Curcumin is poorly absorbed due to its rapid metabolism in the liver and intestinal wall. To increase its bioavailability, add piperine (black pepper) when taking either tumeric or a curcumin supplement. Just a pinch per dose is all that’s needed. Bioavailability of curcumin is also increased when taken with a fat, such as olive or coconut oil.

Turmeric is from the ginger family so it has a similar taste to regular ginger. If you are not a big fan of the taste, you can buy it in capsule form, or to save some money, buy turmeric powder in bulk and fill empty gelatin capsules.

Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil made from Origanum vulgare L.  has antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal, antiparasitic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Phew, pretty impressive!

Oregano oil contains the phenols thymol and carvacol which inhibit H. pylori growth. High concentrations of thymol can be toxic, so make sure you do not take more than the recommended dosage. One doctor recommended for this H. pylori herbal remedy is taking 2 capsules twice a day for two weeks.

Make sure you get oregano oil that is from the Origanum vulgare L. plant, because not all oregano species contain the phenol compounds that kill the H. pylori bacteria.

On a side note, oregano oil has properties that help with arthritis, acne, hay fever, athletes foot, Candida yeast infections, toenail fungus, dandruff and more.


cranberry polyphenolsCranberry (Vaccinium spp.) contains polyphenols which can suppress Helicobacter pylori. This study with juice surpressed the bacteria and this one with cranberry extract inhibited growth. We all have heard that drinking 100% pure cranberry juice is good for treating and preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs) and kidney infections as well.

cranberry extract capsules

I will alternate between drinking 100% cranberry juice and taking cranberry extract capsules.

In one of the studies, patients drank 500 ml (about 17 ounces or just over 2 cups) of cranberry juice daily for 90 days to eradicate H. pylori. If you don’t want to drink juice everyday, you can also take a cranberry powder capsule.

I take a Spring Valley Super Strength Cranberry capsule which contains 500 mg of cranberry powder (Vaccinium macrocarpon) starndarized to 1.5% proanthocyanidins. The ingredients are simply cranberry powder and gelatin with no additives or preservatives :-). Taking one tablet is like drinking a 10 oz. glass of cranberry juice, but with even more antioxidant protection and without all the extra calories.

That’s another thing –

There is a big difference between drinking cranberry juice cocktail which is diluted with water or other juices and has added sugars as opposed to 100% cranberry juice. That’s why I just keep it simple and take it in concentrated capsule form.


probiotics capsules

I will get my probiotics through yogurt, kefir or for convenience, take probiotic capsules.

yogurt live active culturesProbiotics are microorganisms that are beneficial to our digestive system. A study from February 2011 issue of Applied and Environmental Microbiology found that the probiotic, bifidobacterium, helped heal and inhibit H. pylori infections. This study also found probiotics to be helpful in reducing associated H. pylori gastric inflammation.

My philosophy is since H. pylori is bad bacteria for your gut and probiotics are good bacteria, it can’t hurt to add them to your diet. Sometimes I eat yogurt with live active cultures, sometimes

I just take probiotic supplements. There isn’t enough evidence to definitively say that taken alone, probiotics can completely eradicate Helicobacter pylori, but it can be used as a supplementary aid to other more proven alternative treatments like mastic gum or manuka honey.

A randomized controlled trial demonstrated that Kefir improves the efficacy and tolerability of triple therapy in eradicating Helicobacter pylori in two weeks.

Other Natural Remedies for H. pylori

There are certainly other supplements and natural items, like aloe vera juice and Vitamin C, that have some linkage to inhibitory effects on H. pylori, but I have shared with you what I have personally research and taken myself.

Since I’ve started treatment with these alternative remedies, I rarely have any more Helicobacter pylori infection symptoms – at least nothing like I use to.

And if my stomach does get upset, I start taking the mastic gum, DGL licorice, probiotics and perhaps a few other items listed above and I’m usually better by the second day, as opposed to suffering with really bad symptoms for weeks or even longer.

Biofilm Disrupters

N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

One of our readers (Joey) noted in the comments that he used “NAC (with food) and Serrapeptase (on empty), both twice a day.”

NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) acts as a mucolytic agent and can have an additive effect in curing a Helicobacter pylori infection by destroying the bacterial biofilm.

NAC does not kill the H. pylori itself, but as this study demonstrated, it may improve the delivery of antibiotics (or possibly Manuka Honey, DGL, Mastic Gum, etc.) at the site of infection due to its ability to reduce the thickness of the mucus.

NAC doesn’t eradicate H. pylori, but it eradicates the biofilm in which the pylori resides. This study as well as this one had similar results.

On a side note, NAC has also been proven effective against the flu virus. Combine that with elderberry syrup and you’ll hopefully never get the flu again…fingers crossed. 🙂


Serrapeptase is a is a proteolytic (protein destroying) enzyme derived from silkworms. The enzyme has been found to reduce bacterial biofilms, similar to NAC, and enhance the efficacy of antibiotics. 

I have not found any specific studies regarding the use of Serrapeptase against H. pylori, but there is evidence against other strains of bacteria as noted here.

Prevention of Helicobacter pylori Infections

It’s very possible to be re-infected by H. pylori since at least 50% of the world’s population carries the bacteria, although not everyone presents symptoms.

It can be transmitted from person to person through saliva, gastric juice, vomit and feces, possibly through contact with cats, sheep, non-human primates (chimpanzees, monkeys, etc.) and house flies, although more study is needed (Brown, L.M. 2000. Helicobacter pylori: epidemiology and routes of transmission. Epidemiol Rev. 22(2):283-97).

As a prevention treatment, I take one mastic gum capsule (500 mg) at night before bed or in the morning before breakfast for a month once every six months.

Of course, being healthy overall is always a good way to help prevent any kind of illness and boost your immune system. I regularly eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, limit saturated fats (sans coconut oil, see above), exercise often, get enough sleep, reduce stress and smile often. 🙂

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Always consult a physician before starting any treatments and before taking any medications or supplements. You can read more about H. pylori and peptic ulcers from the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC).

H. pylori natural treatment

Question: Have you tried any natural remedies for H. pylori or for any stomach ailments that has worked? Let us know below.


  1. Thank you so much for an informative article. What are your thoughts on developing kidney stones by the extensive use of cranberry juice?

    • Hans: Since cranberry juice contains oxalates, there is an increased risk of developing calcium oxalate stones. But at the same token, cranberry juice also contains quinic acid which may reduce thee development of brushite and struvite stones.

      The study where patients drank 2 cups of cranberry juice to eradicate H. pylori was for 90 days. I don’t know if that quantity and duration is long enough or not to develop stones. But you can also take cranberry powder in pill form. The question would be, does cranberry extract powder have the same concentration of oxalates as it does in juice form?

      And what exactly is the amount of cranberry juice consumption that is too much and causes an increased risk for kidney stones? Well, I just did some researching and found that one source says drinking more than 1 liter (~ 4 cups) a day for an extended period of time may cause kidney stones. So I would say drinking 2 cups for 90 days would be safe.

  2. Thank you so much for a very informative and balanced article.
    If I may add, I had used 3 years ago the Matula Tea and it worked! It seems that I was infected again recently, and going to use the tea again, however doing more research I realized, like you, that there are many other options and preventative measures that are less expensive, and may prevent the bacteria from reappearing.
    Thanks again!

    • Gigi – Glad you enjoyed the article. I have intentionally omitted Matula Tea from this list because I have not found any independent studies confirming its use to treat H. pylori infections. I’m glad it worked for you at one time, but as you noted it is very expensive. And since it is not clinically proven (other than by the manufacturer) I do not currently recommend it as a treatment for H. pylori eradication.

      • Thanks HH,
        Well, I have actually read quite a few comments on different sites, including videos that were posted on youtube, of other people who have been cured. I personally would pay many times the price to get rid of HP, and would definitely recommend trying it.
        By-the-way, strangely enough the current saga started after taking antibiotics for about a week, to prevent a tooth infection. Big mistake. Haven’t taken antibiotics for maybe 30 years and I guess the symptoms in my digestion system are not a coincidence following that treatment…No wonder H. Pylori seems quite resistant to even big doses of antibiotics for a long period of time (while all the other ‘good’ bacteria are destroyed in the process).
        Anyway, this time I am doing a combination and recruit all the ‘good agents’ :). Thanks again.

  3. gordon coolidge says

    I am now using coconut oil. Should i take it on a empty stomach or with food? I use three teaspoons only.

  4. my name is Gabriel, i am 12 years old i am turning 13 in the fall .ive been using garlic and redwine vinegar to aid me in killing h pylori because it causes me sulfur burps and diareah.i have had sulfur burps and i cant find anything that works better than redwine vinegar and garlic cloves that simlpy treat or should i say KILL,COMPLETELY DESTROY h pylori.i want a not so hard to find remedy that by chance could be in my household. i need help going organic trying to kill h pylori.thanks for informing me about redwine but could you also try to find a more “common in a household”organic source like veggies that i may have and can help me get rid off that foul tasting belch and the organism that starts it?

  5. I have had H.pylori for over a year now, the anti-biotics didn’t work, so after some research i have bought a few natural remedies such as: mastic gum (500mg), oregano oil capsules (150mg), turmeric capsules (400mg), manuka honey 18+ and aloe vera juice. i haven’t taken anything yet as i was wondering what order to take them in and if it was safe to take all of them each day?

    • Gabby – Since there is very little information on the interactions between these herbal remedies, I cannot tell you exactly what to take and in what combinations. I personally have taken several of these remedies in combination with each other, but you will have to experiment and see what combination works best for you. This previous article discusses suggested dosages for Manuka Honey and Mastic Gum, so you may want to start there. The article on this current page discusses dosages for oregano oil and turmeric as well. Did the antibiotic treatment not work at all? I assume they put you on multiple antibiotics, not just one? And after the treatment you tested positive again?

    • Hi Gabby
      I have only just read your post.
      I see your tried your herbal formula 2 years ago.,, how did it all go?
      i tested positive to Pylori 4 days ago, & started taking similar products, just not the Aloe Vera yet, have no issues with it either, but, it can act as a laxative if you take too much, great for healing & bacteria, in the right doses. I used to try bit by bit to see how my body coped with it…along with the strict food plan &
      organic capsules, Bioceuticals 14 culture strain probiotic , is very safe as Pylori is a bad bacteria , so, no harm in invading it with extra good bacteria…
      Organic coconut oil … Whenever I want , in teaspoon doses… Healing & bacterial has Lauric acid … Pylori hates

      Mediherbs Andrographis is an Echnachia .. Bacterial

      Tumeric… Whenever

      Coconut youghurt … No sugar

      Apple cider vinegar

      Cinnamon sprinkled on cooked quinoa in almond & coconut milk & chi bran , flaxseeds, for breakfast , a few blackberries & strawberries

      An apple a day …

      No bananas too sugary & starchy no white rice … A little brown shoul surely be okay or ?

      Organic eggs
      Grass fed & organic beef once a week
      Organic chicken once a week
      Fish & eggplant vegetarian dish a couple times a week
      Lots if vegies from the brassica family & a supplement

      Anyway a strict food plan is important as Plori loves sugar or certain carbs turn to a type of sugar si nothing sweet,
      Not sure how Manuka honey passes that one … Aside of it’s antibacterial properties ?

      Anyway, you can google this product….I was skeptical to try , a product by Taiga… a Conifer green pine capsules taken 2 to 3 a day… No pain now no side effects…certainly feel so much better in 4 days & hydrochloride amino acid as I believe it is the opposite to what is prescribed by doctors as drying up the gut with there script of Nexum introduces more bacteria & poor digestion ….then all of those antibiotics … I am allergic to ….What a mess !
      Be great to hear what worked for anyone else & if you actually cured it?

      Will keep everyone posted.


  6. Thanks for replying, my doctors are not very good, I was in bed ill for a week not eating, feeling fullness when trying to eat, nausea etc. so I got a doctors appointment and was told its probably ibs and given a website address. But I got worse so went to A&E where a doctor told me it was gastritis possibly caused by h.pylori, he gave me omeprazole which made me feel 100% better and told me to back to gp to get tested which I did and was positive. I was then given 7 days of amoxicilin, metronidazole and omeprazole. the antibiotics gave me diarrhea for 4 weeks and I was still ill for weeks after so I went back to the doctors and said ‘its the same as before, I think i still have it’ and she said ‘well 50% of the population have it, and it will cause indigestion and heartburn’ I said ‘are you going to re-test me?’ she said ‘we’re not going to re-test you or re-treat you!’.
    I know I could go to a different doctor but the last lot of anti-biotics made me ill so I’m going to try natural remedies for a few months then if that don’t work ill go back to the doctor. Sorry for the long life story 🙂

    • Unfortunately, your experience with the antibiotic treatment is not uncommon. I’ve read in forums where people say they rather die than go through another treatment. Sorry you are experiencing so much discomfort and your doctors haven’t offered you much help. If you start any of the natural remedies, be sure to be consistent and take them for the full course, like antibiotics, even if you begin to feel better. For example, one suggested dosage for mastic gum is to take a 500mg capsule in the morning before breakfast and another 500mg capsule in the evening before bed for 60 days. Even if you feel better in 1 month, continue to take them for the full 60 days. Hope you begin to feel better. Let us know if any of the remedies work out for you. Fingers crossed. 🙂

    • I also went see my doctor for my h pylori she gave me blood test first and gave me the same medication that you described, the med made me feel better after I finished my med I went back for stool test, but this time my doctor told me I don’t have to see her, she claim my stool had no h pylori but once in a while I still feel the pain in my upper middle abdominal I felt like is not clear but some reason she don’t want to deal with h pylori, I heard this bacteria is hard to get rid of.

  7. Thank you so much for the info on mastic gum. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease and have been struggling terribly for the last five years. It seemed that almost any food I ingested made me feel sick all over, with especially troubling brain fog.

    I have been gluten free for almost two years but even that did not help like I had hoped. I have spent a fortune on doctors but none of them ever tested for h pylori. I didn’t seem to have gastro problems – as in reflux, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea or anything related, so I never really pursued the gut bug route.

    After I read your post about Mastic Gum, I did a little more research. I came across posts from people who had shortness of breath, pain in their shoulder blades and some of the other seemingly unrelated symptoms of h pylori. Many of them also suffered from autoimmune illnesses, like me, and current research was leading us to suspect leaky gut as the genesis of our woes.

    Since leaky gut can be caused in part by h pylori and stirred to tremendous heights by gluten, store bought dairy, etc., I decided to give the Mastic Gum a try. I am following your 1000 mg. (Nutricology) daily protocol. After two weeks, I feel better than I have in almost five years. I didn’t have testing done because I am so tired of spending money for nothing and I didn’t see the harm in trying mastic gum. I am so glad I did. After a while on mastic gum, I will add slippery elm gruel and L glutamine to help heal my gut.
    Thank you so much. Your efforts do help others!!

  8. Thanks for the great information. I’m a bit of an extreme case. I started 32 years ago with Crohn’s Disease. 10 bowel resections later I have what’s called “frozen bowel”. So nothing I put in my mouth gets into my bowel.

    I survive as a TPN patient, meaning intravenous nutrition. I’ve been like this for over 3 years, and managed to carve out a small, simple diet that’s is really only for sanity’s sake. My diet is devoid of fiber and high in sugar, as sugar, once digested can make its way out my gastric drainage tube.

    3 months ago, my stomach stopped production of acid. I had been taking pantoprazole 40mg IV BID since this happened over 3 years ago and it seemed overnight the acid was gone. If I took the pantoprazole, it made my secretions syrupy, dark brown and impossible to get out my g-tube. I have been in 3 different hospitals and they just shrug their shoulders and I was left without a clue.

    I have been unable to “eat” since Feb 6/2015 (3months). I have been gastroscoped 3 times by 3 different doctors in that time. Luckily, one doctor took pics of my gut while scoping. I took these pics to my GI doctor to show him what my malfunctioning G-tube looked like inside (minding he was one of the 3 doctors who had just scoped me) and he says matter of factly, “you have h. Pylori in your stomach and strange thing about h. Pylori is it causes ulcers and suppresses acid production”. He went on to explain that unfortunately because I can’t take the necessary antibiotics by mouth that there was nothing I could do, but he said I may get some suppression with Pepto bismol as h. Pylori hates it. So with this info my mind is percolating. If I take pepto, it’s so thick it may clog my gtube. So (I forgot to mention I WAS a nurse). I’m thinking what can I use that won’t clog it?

    Some point in my studies in the early 90’s I remember looking at oil of oregano and I thought it wouldn’t clog my gtube so I bought some. I’m using 4cc in 25 ml of warm water and injecting it into my gtube, closing it off for 20 mins, twice a day. I’m on day 4 and the acid is coming back, big time! I can see the h. Pylori sludge coming out of my gtube (disgusting). My body had been diverting the fluid needed to produce urine and had been pushing it into my gut and that’s stopped, in 3 friggin days?! All for an off the cuff comment from my doctor. Why didn’t he know? It all makes sense now, but why did I suffer, consider suicide and have to do this on my own? Time to clean house with my medical team!

    I didn’t read your article first, I believe this is the work of God, but inherent to say oil of oregano not only works, but is saving my life. If h. Pylori causes ulcers, this is a way better treatment than antibiotics and acid suppressors that are actually poison for your body. Thanks for the toxic info, I didn’t know that. It’s hard to swallow this stuff, thank God I don’t have to, but it works like a hot damn. Who knew?

    • Ryan – Wow! You’ve gone through some tough times. Glad to hear though that the oregano oil appears to be working for you. Keep us up to date with your progress. Good luck!

  9. Hi I have tested positive for H-Pylori, taken antibiotics, tested positive, more antibiotics, and so on 3 times so far, H-Pylori still here. your way sounds better. What do you recommend and at what dose, how often, how taken, how long, what brand, where to get it? thanks for your advice and caring

    • John – Curious after 3 antibiotic treatments what your Doctor offers as an explanation and/or other solutions since it appears that course is not working?
      My recommendations for natural alternatives are included above in this post as well as on this page with dosage recommendations, so the choice is yours. I personally have had the best results using Mastic Gum and DGL Licorice.

      • I will start on both as soon as I can get them, Thanks!
        Also Doctor does not offer an explanation, only it’s not too painful to have so you can just live with it. I am guessing he has never had it.

  10. winford massey says

    I have helicobater pylori with ulcers, which is now being treated with antibotics. The natural items, extra virgin coconut oil, broccoli sprouts, cranberry extract. Do you take all of these in pill form or 1 of them or 2 of them at during the same period of time. If you take just 1 which is the best? After the bacteria is gone what do you take as maintenance?

    • Winford – You can take any of these, if offered, in pill form or any other form – whatever is easiest for you as long as you take the recommended dosage. You can take just one, such as manuka honey or mastic gum (mentioned on this page), but it certainly wouldn’t hurt, for example, to also take probiotics at the same time.

      I can’t tell you which is the best because what works for one person may not for another. I only offer here suggestions based on what research has been done on these natural alternative treatments for H. pylori. As far as maintenance after the bacteria is gone – I have only read one article on mastic gum that suggests taking it every six months for 30 days to prevent reinfection. Other than that, to prevent another H. pylori infection, it’s the usual – practice good hygiene, keep your immune system healthy and eat a well-balanced diet including fruits and vegetables with a low intake of sugars. More prevention tips are listed here.

    • hi! I was diagnosed with hp also. I feel so terrible but what works for me is I take mastic gum 500 mg before breakfast then after breakfast I take probiotic & craberry in a pill form and Dgl 20 min before meal. I just take manuka honey if I feel nauseated.

      Also 2 hrs after lunch I tale broccoli sprout tablet. Within 90 day i feel so much better. Symptoms are gone. Now i am adding coconut oil, I heard they are good for stomach as well. I have to go back to my gasto to check if the hp is gone. Good luck.

  11. How much turmeric powder per day to eradicate this virus

    • Agnes – Most of the research states that turmeric, more specifically curcumin – a chemical component of turmeric, will inhibit H. pylori growth, but not completely eradicate it. Studies have shown some relief of H. pylori symptoms in patients after taking tumeric, but not complete eradication. It is more of a preventative than a treatment for a H. pylori infection.

  12. Thank you so much for your article. Antibiotics did not work for me and been suffering non stop. Have bought the honey and mastic.
    Can I not take 500 mg ? Or has to be 1,000 mg?

    • Rafet – If you are referring to the Matic Gum dosage mentioned on this page, you take two 500 mg capsules a day divided into two doses – 500 mg in the morning and 500 mg at night, for a total of 1,000 mg.

  13. Ok I have started taking two following your advice. But can I not take them together at night? Or do they have to be apart? Any particular reason?

    • Rafet – The dosage is derived from either studies or directly from doctor’s suggestions found online. I can only assume the dosage is divided into 2 (morning and night) for the same reasons that other medications are – either for improved efficacy, safety, etc.. Taking 500 mg twice a day worked for me, but I cannot guarantee it will work for you. You should always consult with your physician first before taking any medication, herbal or otherwise. I have found numerous dosage suggestions. For example, this doctor recommends taking 1,000 mg twice a day (for a total of 2,000 mg/day) while this study had patients take 350 mg of mastic gum three times a day (total of 1,050 mg). I have even read a suggested dosage of 3,000 mg/day. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of published in vivo studies to determine the exact dosage one should take.

  14. Thank you so much.. your help is valuable

  15. Hi,

    In January after an excruciating pain both left and then somewhat on the right side and suffering a racing heart, chills followed with a slight fever the doctor thought i had pleurisy (which in retrospect i don’t think i had). Pain in my abdomen, burping, bloating , constipation, diarrhea, digestive issues and loss of appetite. I got a single antibiotic the first week and double/combo/broad spectrum antibiotic in second. Left me very drowsy, i really lost a lotta weight. They send me to the hospital and done x-ray, echo, blood, looked into my stomach, colon etc. Everything was fine, gallstones but he assured me couldn’t be the problem. I don’t have a leaky gut so that’s not the problem but the doctor did tell me i had h. Pylori but didn’t know if the symptoms i was experiencing were directly relating to the bacteria. So he prescribed me the amoxc./clary./pp.
    I only took 1 dose i was floored. I never had that many antibiotics in my life.

    So like many others i want to go the natural route. So a few questions. Can you tell me in terms of food/food recipes what i can eat to maintain my weight because i already lost a lot of it. And i don’t want to lose anymore. I know i have to cut gluten/meat/sugar when doing the protocol but i was also advised against by an acupuncturist to take raw food cold drinks/juices which seems to me one of the fastest way to get more veggie intake.

    And you mention quite a few things that i have seen on other sites but what do you think about biofilm like interfase? I was thinking going with mastic gum, interfase, dgl licorice, probiotics, codliver and a high vit. C intake to combat the bacteria. And ginger and chamomile tea to sooth the pain.

    • Isadora – What reason did the acupuncturist give for advising against eating raw foods or cold drinks? Typical diet recommendations for those infected with H. pylori include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins and in general, to increase fiber intake.

      Personally, I have no experience with Interfase or Interfase Plus (includes EDTA, ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, which helps to bind metals needed for biofilm formation). My understanding is that this enzyme formulation breaks up the biofilm where the H. pylori resides in the lining of the stomach, thereby allowing other medications to attach the bacteria. I cannot find any clinical studies, except from the manufacturer (Klaire Labs) which used in vitro testing only, but did have significant results for reducing biofilm activity for Helicobacter pylori.

  16. The acupuncturist is also an Ayurveda practitioner. Both in the Chinese as the Ayurveda strongly advice against too much raw food because some body types seem to have an issue digesting vegetables in its raw form and it takes a lot of energy and extra work from the liver and maybe in the end its not really beneficial for the body and it more more opens up a different set of digestive problems.

    I admit, after thinking about it it made sense for me. According to Ayurveda i’m a predominantly Vata type and those tend to have issues with consuming raw foods. I never juiced but do consume large quantities raw salads. I never made the connection that part of my digestive problems had to do with me not being able to digest raw foods very well. Its also right in saying that i avoid cold beverages. Everything for me has to be at least at room temperature or if possible heated a bit that i find comfortable drinking. Its been said that Vata types have to incorporate wheat in their diet. I think for me that aggravates the problem, so i don’t take Ayurveda as 100% gospel.

    But with the bacteria still inside me i have to look for other ways to incorporate those vegetables. Which is why i asked for advice in terms of what to eat or recipes that i can incorporate during the protocol. As i said before ..i lost a lotta weight and i don’t intend to lose more. But its difficult cutting red meat/gluten /sugar even natural ones from my diet and still being able to come up with something very nutritional. So i need a little help with that.

    Probably the worrisome news is that h. Pylori bacteria seems to be adapting when not properly treated and building an even better defense.

    Which is why i wanted to incorporate a biofilm. It’s not a guarantee that it will work 100% but
    I don’t think it hurts to have something to disrupt its biofilm so what you use as natural antibiotics can do their job better.

  17. Wanda Seals says

    I have tested positive for H-Pylori with ulcers. I took the the antibiotics back in January and now I have taken antibiotics, for the second time this month. I am now doing a stool testing to see if this round has killed this bug. I just don’t think I can do a third round of this if this test comes back positive. Can you recommend what I can do? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

    • Wanda – You may want to start with the previous post of H. pylori treatments regarding Mastic Gum and Manuka Honey and then come back to this current page for more suggestions. If your test comes back positive again, ask your physician what he recommends since it’s obvious that the antibiotics are not working for you.

  18. I had suffered from H Pylori, combined with gastritis, my life was a miserable one, and nothing helps, but a combination of Manuka 550+, pomegranate and especially fresh cranberry, had improved my situation.

  19. Hello!
    I’m wondering if you might include a biofilm disrupter in all this. I used NAC (with food) and Serrapeptase (on empty), both twice a day. They help uncover the little buggers so the kill supplements have an easier time. But I didn’t use them for more than 4 weeks, as they can disrupt the biofilm of the good guys too.

    • Joey – Yes, we will do some research and edit the post to include biolfilm dirsupters. I personally did not take any, but it’s good to have at least your personal account of using them (NAC & Serrapeptase). Thanks for the input. After a quick search, I see there is some research that supports their use as having an additive effect against the eradication of H. pylori.

  20. Message #2. I read some other remedies. I do not have ulcers (at least not on last year’s colonoscopy that found the H. pylori.) but I do have debilitating nausea and pain and bloating and lethargy.

    That has ruined a bikini body I kept til I was 51 years old last year which is last of my worries because now my life went from an extreme athletic adventurous outdoors-woman, church leader and sole provider for self, home & my dog, to now 80% of my days are as an invalid in pain that won’t go away. Of course I want the fastest cure but I guess I cannot take all of the remedies at once.

    #1- I bought the manuka honey & mastic gum you have recommended so can I take any of the other remedies with these?
    #2- Can the manuka “health brand” honey MGO 400+ be taken with the Mastic Gum “solaray” brand extract 500 mg? Label reads 39% alpha and masticonic acids.
    Thank you & bless you for taking the time to share the info.

    • Jenny – #1 – Can you take any of the other remedies with the honey and mastic gum? I personally used manuka honey and mastic gum every day in addition to DGL, broccoli sprouts, extra virgin coconut oil, tumeric, oregano oil, cranberry extract and probiotics (as discussed further on our other H pylori remedies page). Are there any side effects by taking these in combination? I have no idea because no such studies have been done to prove otherwise. I wouldn’t recommend just trying them all out in one big dose. Perhaps you could introduce them one at a time to make sure you personally don’t have any kind of adverse reaction to any of them. Everyone is different.

      #2 – Yes, the manuka honey can be taken with the mastic gum. At least I haven’t found any resources that state otherwise.

      Hope this works for you or at least gives you some relief. Let us know how it turns out. Good luck.

      • Brenda L. Sanchez says

        Almost forgot don’t take the juice all at once, because you can get an iodine imbalance and it’s bad for your thyroid. Just drink it throughout the day. Hope this helps! 😀

    • Brenda L. Sanchez says

      Drink cabbage juice 8oz four times a day this will take the pain away as well as inflammation on the stomach and kill helicobacter pylori. A study showed that drinking cabbage juice also called VITAMIN U eradicated h. Pylori in 10 days.

  21. Brenda L. Sanchez says

    My first remedy I took was cabbage juice, which I made with my nutribullet a little bit more than a cup a day on an empty stomach. This reduced my stomach acid as well as any belching pain I had almost instantly. This even cleared my vision on the third day that I drank it..amazing are nature’s food’s. I have been taking 3 teaspoons of coconut oil on an empty stomach as well as mastic gum 1000mg in the morning. I have been cooking my chicken and salmon with extra virgin olive oil. I read that extra virgin olive oil stays in the stomach longer thus killing h.pylori. Ask me for any advice.

  22. You were wondering if turmeric was more effective when heated or used as powder. I use powder in my homemade whole milk kefir (free probiotics!) with a dash of fresh ground black pepper. The pepper unlocks the curcumin. Here’s a great article on Turmeric Paste and answers the question whether it should be heated:


    • The question wasn’t if it is more effective when heated or used as a powder. Whether in powder form or eaten in root form, the question was about heat. Since it appears that people who cook often with tumeric, such as those who live in India, benefit from the spice (from the curcumin and other properties in the tumeric) then an assumption can be made that heat doesn’t affect its efficacy. Lots of websites give recipes with tumeric as a tonic, like golden paste and golden milk, which requires heating, but just because the recipe says to “heat it” doesn’t mean that makes the tumeric more effective. I’m more interested in scientific evidence. I found one study that says heat increased curcumin’s solubility which may increase bioavailability, but I still haven’t found a study making the direct link – heat increases the bioavailability of tumeric/curcumin.

  23. meryem mouhid says

    thanks for your post, a lot of people struggled with this nasty bacteria, I am wondering why you didn’t include mastic gum in your protocol to eradicate H. pylori, but you only take it to prevent HP,

    • Meryem – I did include mastic gum to eradicate H. pylori. See this page. The page you are commenting on is about “More Helicobacter pylori Natural Remedies”. Our first post (as mentioned in the first paragraph on this page) is about using Active Manuka Honey and Mastic Gum as an H. pylori treatment.

      • I have hpylori as well but I have a disease that cause bleeding called ITP and all the products talked about thin the blood is there nothing else. Help.

  24. meryem mouhid says

    SO you killed hp with only manuka and mastic gum, and you take mastic gum to prevent HP and broccoli and cranberry pills…little confused, so only manuka and mastic gum, for how long?

    • Meryem – No, if you read my section about taking manuka honey, I didn’t use it to kill H. pylori. It helped, but I wasn’t consistent about taking it. Ultimately, it was the mastic gum that helped me the most. And yes, I do take some of the other supplements, like cranberry, DGL, probiotics, etc. for maintenance/general gut health. Unfortunately, there is no solid dosage information for any of these treatments, i.e., take this amount for x days and your cured. Everyone will respond differently, depending on how severe the infection is and/or if they have other gastrointestinal issues in addition to the H. pylori infection. In the previous post, I wrote what dosage of mastic gum worked for me, including the duration. But some people take less, some take more and for longer/shorter periods of time.

  25. ramkumar nagaraj says

    Can i take turmeric with water first thing in morning? Yes, I’m a h pylori positive.

    • Ramkumar – Yes, but to increase the absorption and bioavailability of the turmeric’s curcumin, take it with a pinch of black pepper and with a fat such as coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, etc.. Heat also increases bioavailability, so if you warm it up, that would help too.

  26. I was told I had hp in Feb. 2016 and that the lining of my stomach was really inflamed. I was treated with the triple (antibiotic) treatment. It is now June and whenever I eat it hurts, I’ve lost about 35 pounds because I am afraid to eat in order to avoid the pain, I’ve been eating very bland food and small portions and only water no juice. The pain is in the upper part of my stomach, center by the rib cage. Have gone back to the doctor 3 times and he has increased the prisolec to 3x a day. That did not help at all. He thought maybe he would repeat the GI test, but was not sure. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and have purchased the Manuka honey, mastic gum, oregano oil and digestive plus hx. I am so desperate that I bought all of them. But I am currently taking the oregano oil (2 drops in diluted water once a day, 2 digestive plus HX after a piece of bread and 1 teaspoon of manuka honey before bed. Do you recommend anything else or do you think another combination would be better. What is your opinion. It feels like I will never be normal again, this is also causing depression because you start to think its been so many months, that I could hardly eat and the Word Cancer starts to flash in your head although the doctor said there was no evidence of cancer. Anyway sorry for writing so much…. Ughhhh. Please advise.

    • Debbie – Did they ever retest you for H. pylori after going through the antibiotic treatment? How did they test you initially to discover that you were positive for pylori? Stool, blood, breath, biopsy?

    • I was tested for hp through a endoscopy biopsy. After the treatment the doctor has not retested me, I am not sure how long you have to wait before being retested. He was considering doing another endoscopy. But in the meantime told me to take prilosec 3 times a day.

      • You can be retested for H. pylori 4 weeks after treatment. However, you must not be taking any PPIs (like Prilosec) for at least 2 weeks before retesting or you may get a false-negative result. You can be retested with a breath or stool test. You’ll have to ask your doctor to be retested if he hasn’t offered it. Some physicians believe that the antibiotic treatment should work the first time and there is no need for retesting. I assume he has put you on the Prilosec to treat your dyspeptic symptoms. Has he indicated that you may possibly have an ulcer? You will not get instant relief from a PPI. They do take some time before you will notice any relief. How long have you been taking them? Although, with the current news about PPIs and kidney damage, I wouldn’t want to take them for too long either. Regardless, it would be advantageous to know whether you are indeed still positive for H. pylori, because if you are not, then a different treatment plan than those mentioned here would perhaps be more beneficial.

  27. I will ask him to retest. I don’t understand why instead of suggesting to retest he suggested maybe doing another endoscopy. He has not said anything about an ulcer except that when he did the endoscopy he confirmed that he did not see any ulcers, or cancer but he did find the hp and that the stomach lining is very inflamed. With the manuka I find I am not always in pain as I was before but I do get a dull pain whenever I eat.

  28. Yes the Digestive Plus Hx also helps. I stopped the Prisolec and decided to just take the Manuka and the Digestive Plus , yesterday I stopped the oregano oil in liquid form because it was causing an upset stomach instead I’ve ordered the pills. Praying this works! I consulted with my general Doctor and he said after hp it takes time to heal and that everyone is different but I didn’t know it took this long 🙁 that’s why you start to suspect that you have something really bad.

    • So your Doctor then doesn’t want to retest yet? Yes, it takes time to heal, if the bacteria has been eradicated, but not if you’re still positive. You tested positive in February. How long does he want you to suffer before deciding whether or not whether the hp is gone or you have some other problem? Oregano oil can cause stomach upset in some people, so it would be good to know if you were hp positive, otherwise I wouldn’t take it, especially if it made my stomach symptoms worse. DGL is great for gastrointestinal issues in general, not just for eradicating pylori. I take it whenever I have any type of gastritis problems. I find it works fairly fast and is very soothing. I know you already purchased plenty of products, but in the future, if you are still having stomach problems, you may want to give DGL a try.

  29. I had a breath test done and it was negative. The bacteria has been eradicated. I don’t understand why I still feel the dull pain. The doctor is suggesting to repeat the endoscopy.
    I don’t understand what could he have missed the first time. How long does it take to heal after the bacteria has been eradicated?

    • What is your doctor’s reasoning for the repeat endoscopy? If your H. pylori breath test was negative, then what other other possibilities did your doctor give for your pain and the need for the endoscopy? Inflammation of the stomach can still persist from other causes other than H. pylori. And yes, everyone’s healing period can vary.

  30. He wants to make sure there is nothing else going on, which is so scary as I am not sure exactly what else he is looking for. The biopsy in Feb. did not show any cancer but did show positive for hp and he said the stomach was very red and inflamed but that was back in Feb. So why is the pain still there and why does it hurt when I eat, the little that I could eat.

    • You’re not exactly sure what else he is looking for, you’re worried about the possibility of cancer, and you don’t know why you are still having pain. I say either your doctor is giving you vague answers or you’re not demanding more specific ones from him. Ask the same questions you are asking here and don’t settle for general answers. When he says, “I want to make sure nothing else is going on,” make him tell you what the possibilities are and what “nothing else” is so you don’t have to guess and worry about all kinds of scenarios. And don’t forget that stress and worry can affect your gut just as intensely as other disorders.

  31. I have the same issue as Debbie does! I have been back to the doctor, had 2 EGD’s tested again for HP and am positive. I was reassured by the endo doctor that I do not have cancer but as my sister just passed away with stomach cancer, I am scared! I take 1000mg of mastic gum, 8 drops of oregano oil 2x day, manuka honey 2x a day. just bought the sprouted broccoli and will start that tomorrow, plus, I am taking curcumin95 (1000mg) 3x a day, 1000mg of coconut oil softgels. I pray this works! I have lost over 20 lbs in 2 months, pain most of the time, and never know when I will vomit. It’s overwhelming to say the least. I pray for all of you that are going thru this terrible problem and hope someone finds a real cure! Good luck to us all!

  32. I was tested again, a breath and a EGD test and it was negative no HP and he said nor I do not have cancer. He did say that there is Gastritis and inflammation of the stomach lining. The hp can really cause damage because although the hp is gone the dull pain is still there after I eat, the pain is not as severe as before but it’s there and when it flares up I feel like my whole body is sick. Not being able to eat much was making me feel really weak, so I have changed my diet completely staying away from ALL acidic food and drinks, and I try to eat very small portions and right before eating I take 2 tums. In the morning I start with 2 DGL pills and at night before going to bed and in the afternoon I have a teaspoon of manuka, and I am trying to reduce the stress in my life as much as possible because I noticed when I stress or worry the pain becomes worse. I feel like so far this is helping a little. As the doctor said everyone’s body is different and some heal sooner than others. There are times that I have felt desperate like when will I be fully healed. I continue to take these natural remedies and pray. Hang in there to all of us.

    • Hi Debbie … I’m so sorry your doctor ignored your lingering symptoms and told you to take Prilosec 3 times a day. It’s not healing your stomach. Raw cabbage juice has been scientifically shown to heal ulcers and gastritis. You can find the recipe on the web. Zinc Carnosine, slippery elm gruel and L-Glutamine will heal the stomach lining so that acid is not hurting you. Your stomach thrives when it has proper amounts of stomach acid. Once the burning is gone, it’s very important to replace lost acid with ACV (apple cider vinegar) as a tonic before meals (use straw as its corrosive to teeth). I used a tsp in about 6 ounces of juice or water. The ACV will actually start to sooth your stomach. You should also have all your vitamins, minerals tested. Low stomach acid prevents them from absorbing. And with your limited diet you’re likely not getting what you need. We have a group on Facebook called The H Pylorie Help Desk. (I know Pylorie is misspelled but I can’t change it)

  33. Brenda Sanchez says

    Cabbage juice and coconut oil 3 x a day cured me thank God. I took this for 4-5 weeks. Just chopped a piece of cabbage and added water to my nutribullet and drank the whole thing first thing in the morning. I only ate bananas which filled me up quickly, chicken and salads during the day as well as papaya and cantaloupe.That was basically my diet for the 4-5 weeks. PATIENCE PATIENCE! YOU WILL GET HEALED WITH GOD’S GRACE AND A LITTLE BIT OF YOUR HELP WITH YOUR STRICT DIET.

  34. Gertjan Koolen says

    I used the combination of colloidal silver and turmeric and pepper before breakfast and dinner (on empty stomach) and colloidal silver and mastic gum before lunch and bedtime. All together with manuka honey. After only 2 days (!!) the severe ulcer pain was gone and today is the 6th day and I can already eat everything like before. Of course I will continue for another 3 weeks.
    Great article by the way. Thanks.

  35. Very informative and helpful article. Thank you. I’ve steered clear of antibiotics for 4 years now and stopped taking Nexium over 7 years ago after realizing how much damage they have done to my body

    My lab blood tests came back positive for h pylori a year ago [84.8] and also a week ago [95.0]. My doctor asked if I wanted to confirm with the urea breath test last year but did not push and I didn’t do it at the time because although I have mild to moderate symptoms that come and go, I’ve had digestion problems all my life and didn’t realize how serious h pylori was. I didn’t get the urea breath test done this year either because I wanted to wait until after I tried natural treatment options.

    I started taking mastic gum 3 days ago (doing a 3-week regimen of 1000mg 1st week, 2000mg 2nd week, 3000mg 3rd week). I feel better already and would like to know if I want to get tested with the urea breath test after this protocol ends, can I get tested right after or do I need to wait a period of time (and how long)? I would appreciate it if you could help and offer some advice. Thank you.

    • Mia – It is recommended to wait at least 2 weeks after stopping any antibiotics, PPIs, or peptol bismol medications before taking the breath test, otherwise it is possible to receive a false-negative result. Without any clinical recommendations, I would consider the mastic gum as an “antibiotic” and stop taking it for 2 weeks prior to being tested. You may want to ask your physician as well. I have seen some recommend that antibiotics be stopped 1 month before testing.

  36. Robert Marshall says

    I had an ulcer rupture last year and diagnosed with h pelori. Cancer was found in my stomach and colon and I’ve been really sick for a long time. I just found out the h pelori is in my well water. If you have a well get your water tested!

  37. Hi Can you tell me in what order I should take slippery elm powder and manuka honey and how often please? The Mastic gum capsules I am taking say 4 to be taken before bed 1000mg in total, I’m not sure if I should leave slippery elm till I finish the Mastic gum.
    Thank you

    • Ruth – I’ve never used slippery elm, so I’m not sure about what order you should take it along with the Manuka honey. The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests this:

      Because it (slippery elm) coats the digestive tract, it may slow down the absorption of other drugs or herbs. You should take slippery elm 2 hours before or after other herbs or medications you may be taking.

  38. Just found out H. pylori positive again for the 5th time! I have tried antibiotics every time and it keeps coming back. I had a scope and begged them to culture my biopsy so we can find out what strain I have so they can put me on right treatment and I’ve had no response. My family doctor wants me on lansoprazole until they come up w a plan. I hate pills of any kind pls help :-/

    • Filiz – What reason do they give for not wanting to culture your biopsy? What type of therapy treatment did you have? Did it include taking 2-3 antibiotics and a proton-pump inhibitor and/or bismuth (Pepto-Bismul)? Did they give you the same treatment with every infection or did make any changes?

  39. Apparently he biopsied the tissue but never cultured it for the strain even after I asked him to beforehand.
    I have been on quadruple therapy and triple therapy 4 times at different occasions, I am having my family tested to see if someone is passing it to me. If that’s the case do I try triple therapy again? How about the cranberry juice root or the mastic gum to chew, would prefer natural root but only if it actually works.

    • I would wait to see the test results of your family members and then see what your doctor suggests before trying anything else. Many people are H. pylori carriers, but have no symptoms. A family member could be passing it on to you which is why you are having a tough time eradicating the bacteria.

  40. In September of 2016 I tested positive for h pylori through stool testing. My chiropractor treated it with pyloricil, interfase plus and a dual detox for 7 weeks. Stool testing afterwards came back negative. Ended up getting small intestine bacterial overgrowth and treated with an antibiotic last month. I now have pain in my stomach again and GI thinks it’s h pylori again. Will get scoped in May in the meantime I’m trying natural treatment to help my tummy.

  41. I’m glad I found this. I’m at the end of my tether started with heartburn for a few days and odd feeling in top of stomach. Not pain but that feeling like a lump of food stuck. Gaviscon seemed to help. Doc prescribed somac which helped too. Then had gastroscopy. No damage. Since that I’ve been worse. I think I’ve tried too many remedies. I took some digestive enzymes. Then ACV which helped about a week. Now it burns. Then probiotics. Slippery elm. Manuka honey. Sad naturopath. She gave zinc Carsonine, calm x, gastro aid. I’m worse. She said no dairy. No gluten no coffee.
    I’ve always been able to eat and drink anything. A weekend away with just honey and slippery elm was ok. And I had decaf coffee and 4 wines. Now I’m not sure if all the other things are just reacting. Yesterday good. Today dreadful. Slippery elm doing nothing.
    Yesterday I ditched the gluten Free bread and tried spelt sourdough. Was ok. Once I’m set off it’s burning in my chest.
    Tomorrow I’m having ultrasound of gall bladder. I’m never sick. It’s 18 years since my stomach had fizzing. I don’t get it. Doc said the muscle at top of stomach is weak and that’s letting acid out. I don’t see how that happened over a few days and yet some days it’s ok.

    • Liz – Is the lump of food stuck feeling in your stomach or in your throat?

      • It’s upper stomach. Just below where ribs curve in to meet. Sometimes it feels like it’s in my chest. Gum makes me burp then it eases. I’ve had ultrasound this morning. No food since last nights dinner so of course all good so far today. By the annoying. Ran out of Manuka and bought one labelled ‘Bee Products’ New Zealand Manuka Honey Blend 30+ MG
        misleading. Doesn’t say MGO
        doesn’t have anything on jar saying certified. $20. Should have taken my glasses.

  42. Claudia Edwards says

    Can the use of siberian pine nut oil help eradicate the H.pylori bacteria?

    • Claudia – The consensus seems to be that more study is needed on the use of Siberian pine nut oil for H. pylori and other ailments or health benefits. The University of Maryland Medical Center says this:

      “Since the possible side effects and toxicity of Siberian pine nut oil are not well studied, including its interactions with medicines, you need to approach this supplement with caution and take it under the supervision of a health care provider.”

  43. How to get rid of gastritis?

  44. Claudia Edwards says

    What can I try to rid my stomach of this if siberian pine nut oil is toxic what other natural resources can I take.

  45. My journey with H Pylori I believe started with menopause. I believe that because I wasn’t menstruating my iron levels elevated and this activated or caused H Pylori to flourish. The worst symptom of menopause for me has been terrible fatigue! I did the usual stuff to treat myself for symptoms but eventually I became so distressed and lacking energy that it really got me down!

    Two years ago I had a whole blood test and it showed that my Ferritin levels were abnormally high. I was tested for haemacromatosis and it came back negative. I knew that high ferritin can signify a chronic illness so I was very worried. My doctor was very nice but would just shrug her shoulders.

    Four months ago I was researching again about high ferritin and an article showed that it could be due to an infection. When I checked out what kinds of infections could be in the body H Pylori was listed. So I sent away for a home blood test kit and of course it showed I was positive for H Pylori!!!

    I looked up H Pylori and links to high ferritin and one study showed that the body – in an attempt to protect from H Pylori, sequesters ferretin so that it remains in the blood instead of reaching the cells of the body. However H Pylori has evolved ways or accessing the ferritin stored in the blood as it needs it. In effect, by trying to protect me from H Pylori, my body created the ideal supply of iron for it! I was in effect anemic even though my blood had too much iron.

    I didn’t bother talking to my doctor – I knew the response would be triple therapy which I did not want to do. Instead I treated myself and my partner with 1000mg mastic gum morning afternoon and evening, half teaspoon of 100+ manuka honey before meals, a capsule of oregano oil X 3 times daily and a 1000mg kyolic garlic capsule daily. I did this for one month with great discipline. I felt better very quickly and noticed my energy was coming back

    Three weeks ago I went back to my doctor and she scheduled me for a gastroscopy when I showed her the blood test result which I had photographed. I didn’t tell her that I had treated myself naturally but I wanted to know for sure that it is gone. My doctor also took a blood test to check my ferritin. I had the gastroscopy and they took biopsies which came back negative for H Pylori. I was delighted. I collected my blood test results and my ferritin levels have come right down and are almost normal!!! I am so happy and relieved.

    The only thing I would do differently is to take monolaurin daily before each meal 1000mg or a teaspoon of coconut oil to get it – that’s if I was making a recommendation to a friend. Having said all that I am so happy with the progress I have made. I think your resources are top class and I commend you on your generosity in putting all the information together. I will take your advice and do the mastic gum treatment twice annually. Best wishes and thank you for everything X

  46. Gloria Egnew says

    I have hp. I only wanna do one of these home treatments. Don’t like taking pills. I’m on my second round of antibiotics for hp. Which one canIi just use that has no side effects and will kill the hp?

  47. I’m curious what does iron have to do with h pylori? I was diagnosed with it jan 1st in the ER. Back in November I received a blood transfusion after my son was born and was on iron pills.

    Also in January I was on amoxicillin 2,000mg/day and clarithromycin 1000mg/day along with pantoprazole & omeprazole, that didn’t work so I repeated all of the above dosages plus they added metronidazole 1000 mg a day. I haven’t been retested but I have a lot of upper abdominal discomfort and indigestion along with acid reflux. Seems like there is no end in sight. 🙁

    • Ashley – There have been studies that have shown an association between having an H. pylori infection and iron-deficiency anemia.

      Are you currently on the second treatment with the added metronidazole?

  48. No I’ve been done with antibiotics for 3+weeks, still have dull pain & stomach grumbles a lot. I need to go retest I’ve been using Manuka honey in my decaffeinated green tea and taking chewable dgl ultra deglycyrrhizinated licorice.
    I’m going to get some of the other things listed here as well.

  49. Hi,

    I am h pylori positive and struggling to get rid of it. Antibiotics have given lots of side effects and no relief at all. It’s over a month now from suffering this sh** bug.

    Please guide me on natural supplement usage which one to try first (e.g. Mastic Gum or Manuka Honey, DGL licorice etc.). I would also request you for any modifications of diets chart if you can please share with me. Thanks for all your support. God bless you.

  50. hi there! i take mastic gum in the morning 20 min before breakfast after breakfast take probiotic and cranberry tablet concentrate you can get in amazon.

    20 minutes before lunch i take dgl licorice. in between lunch and dinner around 3 or 4 pm i take broccoli sprout tablet you can buy them in amazon as well.

    before dinner i take 1 tab dgl 20 minutes before dinner. after dinner i take multivitamins b12, magnesium and vitamin c. i prefer taking my vitamins at night. then 30 min after dinner i drink kefir or eat greek yogurt to keep the good bacteria in your stomach.

    last thing before i go to bed i take another 1 tab of mastic gum. but you have to do it consistently.

    I have been doing it for almost 4 months and i feel so much better. also avoid eating carbs and sweets sugary. eat a lot of vegetables and protein and no processed food until you ate healed.

    also avoid spicy food and coffee. by the way green tea is good to kill h. pylori. also add some organic coconut oil in your tea or in your food it is good killing the bacteria. eat a lot of broccoli and cabbage.

    if you like to ginger u can make ginger tea it helps a lot for feeling nauseated and also manuka honey only if i feel nauseated but i heard they are really good killing the pylori bacteria. hopefully for my next test i will be negative for pylori bacteria. fingers crossed.

  51. Bloating Chef says

    Hi there,
    I’ve been battling HP Pylori for the last 4 years going on 5 years.
    I must admit that my symptoms are not as severe as some of the people that have posted above but it does interfere with my quality of life.
    Before all this started, I maintain a clean diet, exercise 4-5 times a week. Our family culture is surrounded by food because we love eating well and healthy. So needless to say, having HP Pylori is a big problem for my quality of life.
    I had 2 antibiotic treatments done but was not effective. For the last 4 years, I’ve was under the care of 2 different naturopath and done the treatment plans they recommended but it was ineffective. I did a few of the 6 weeks cleanse, not sugar of any form while taking probiotics, Canadian bitter, anti-fungal and glutamine at the same time. Another treatment was to take a taking a veggie pill to help breakdown the food I eat 20 min. before each meal and probiotic intense care while drinking a 500ml mix of water, apple cider, lemon juice and cinnamon every morning. The 6 week cleanse did help during week 3-4 into the cleansed but then it’s back to what is now my ‘normal’ self… bloating, painful lower intestine, gassy and feeling not hungry…
    I feel like I am 4 months pregnant, it’s so so unfordable to the point it hurts. I have the Manuka honey and will buy the mastic gum and try out this method. GOOD LUCK to me.
    If you have any other advice, please do share.

    • I assume then you tested positive for pylori even after the antibiotic treatments? Have you ever tried Manuka honey or mastic gum in the past?

      The Bloating Chef later replied:

      Hi there,

      Yes, I got tested twice and basically the doctor told me to eat a FOD diet. which I did but its still didn’t help.

      No have have not tried your remedy yet but will start this week. I am also going to add matula tea to your remedy too.

      Thanks for the follow-up.

  52. Hi… I’ve tested positive for h pylori.the doctor put me on 2 antibacterial meds and another stomach med..I started my first dose yesterday morning. I didn’t go for another dose in the evening because my stomach got very sick until now… Nausea… Diarrhea..strong one that I have no choice but stop taking the med…this is my first research about h pylori any suggestions what to take to kill the h pylori? Where to start and the dose. Thank you.

  53. Just another recommendation for NAC. I know it doesn’t stop colonization of h. pylori, but it certainly helped me feel better after just a few days. I went through the triple therapy about a year ago, and it seemed to work, but symptoms returned a few weeks ago. I immediately started taking zinc-carnosine and l-glutamine just to protect my stomach while waiting for a doctor’s appointment and retest. Then I added NAC and that’s when I started to feel better. Now I’m thinking I’ll try the mastic+ other stuff before another triple therapy regime. Also, I read that NAC inhibits h.pylori detection so I’m not sure if I should even be retested yet… or if I should stop the NAC and everything else until I’m retested.

    I don’t know if the h.pylori wasn’t fully eradicated the first time, or if I re-contracted it. We have a well and somebody posted about that it can be in well water, so I’m worried about that now….

  54. Is that first impression after taking manuka causing stomach pain?

  55. I was diagnosed with gastritis 10 weeks ago , my symptoms were burning and upper stomach tightness and no pain then iron deficiency anaemia due to vitamin malabsorption , I’ve been taking manuka honey , blackseed oil , 500mg mastic gum on empty stomach morning and night , then before food I take aloe Vera juice and after food I take probiotics , green tea supplements , multivitamin, Vit c ..also take 1 tablespoon of olive oil and coconut oil twice a day after food …then before bed I take 200mg DGL liquorice, 100mg slippery elm , 200mg marshmallow root and the relief has been fantastic..

  56. Hi. I was diagnosed with H pylori from a stool sample after suffering from Heart burn and acid reflux over the Christmas period into January I had never had heart burn before and found it scary.

    I took the triple therapy in February and had awful side effects room spinning so fast I couldn’t stand up diarrhea no appetite but when I phoned dr they urged me to finish treatment as it is a nasty bug somehow I managed to do this.

    After finishing I still felt light headed so went back to dr who done blood work and I had a ferritin level of 7 i have now been on iron tablets for 3 months, at this point

    I stopped omeprazole as felt the medication may be making me dizzy. Problem was I felt the acid reflux and heartburn return so went back to Dr who said I had stopped omeprazole too quickly and to take 2 weeks every day then 2 weeks every 2nd day the 2 weeks every 3rd day and use peptac if needed.

    I followed this but on stopping again reflux and heartburn returned when I went back to dr and asked to be retested for H Pylori they said my NHS region don’t offer retest they just want me to keep taking omeprazole but I dont want to keep taking PPI due to adverse side effects so I have changed my diet which helps also bought DGL liquorice, mastic gum and manuka honey L glutamine this week so have started taking these as well.

    I have lost weight which is not ideal as I was skinny to begin with and always able to eat and drink whatever I wanted without putting weight on.

    I am thinking to go back to see dr and ask for endoscope to check my stomach condition I know I couldn’t handle another round of antibiotics as they nearly killed me the 1st time but just need to get rid of this bug as it is affecting my life.

    I used to be an active energetic person but sometimes now I hardly have any energy it’s so frustrating.

  57. Klassilda says

    I feel you and I have the same situation. I have h. pylori for 2 years. low energy, panic attack, heart palpitation and anxiety.
    I tried mastic gum, DGL and manuka honey even the cranberry tablet. It helps me to feel better but the bug won’t go away. It took me 3 endoscopes and 3 stool tests and still bug is still there.

    My gastro doesn’t recommend antibiotics so he put me on omeprazole for 6 months twice a day for 2 weeks and once a day 20 min before breakfast for the rest of the month. I get dizzy well but i keep taking them and i take probiotic after breakfast and eat yogurt at night. It helps a lot and vitamins at night B12 and magnesium after dinner. addition to that I eat clean food a lot of vegetables avoid sweets and I add juicing for breakfast for energy. No coffee for awhile. i did it for 6 months. Took stool test, negative and after 2 week went for to the doctor to get endsocope took biopsy negative for h. pylori. hang in there i know this bacteria makes you weak. I suffer for 2 years and I am skinny to begin with as well. i was like 100 lbs i used to be 120.

    If the doctor don’t want to take another stool test go to another doctor to take the test.

    Let me know what i put in my green juice to help kill h. pylori.

    Call me give you my number how i did it. I would love to help, i spent a lot of money going to different doctors as well. at least you know you have h. pylori right away mine they diagnosed me for gerd etc.
    Good luck!

    • Hello
      Thanks very much for your reply, I have been eating mainly fruit and vegetables and started gluten free bread and cereal as well. I stopped drinking coffee but have 2 cups black tea and 1 cup green tea per day.

      I have been taking mastic gum, L Gluitamine, DGL, broccoli and kefir daily it has relieved my symptoms the past week so I am going to stick with them for next 2 months and fingers crossed it will work.

      If you could let me know what you used in the juicing machine that would be great I have just purchased one as cabbage juice has been recommended by many people.

      I live in the UK so we have the NHS for medical issues I have asked two doctors to retest but have been told the policy is not to retest but treat symptoms that’s why they want me to take omeprazole but I would rather try natural remedies first. I would not be able to take the antibiotics again anyway as they made me so unwell for a long time even after I finished them.

      It seems that this bacteria is so hard to get rid of and there is not a lot of medical help with it unfortunately when I first tested positive it was made out I would be magically better after my antibiotics but this was not the case for me .

      I appreciate your guidance as it helps knowing I am not the only person to struggle with it.

  58. Thanks so much for this article. I am hoping to try these natural ways to cure h pylori. Just recently diagnosed and given the triple antibiotic treatment which almost killed me. I’ve been off work from teaching for 3 weeks. Went back for more tests and they found another bacteria Aeromonas and put me on bactrim for 10 days. I am unable to finish the dosage because it makes me so sick. I have purchased mastic gum and Manuka honey and have started taking it. I am praying this works!

  59. It happened to me, I couldn’t continue the med, had to stop it… went to a natural market and I was referred DLC and aloe vera water…within a week I started feel better until now… I recommend me to add a natural aloe vera water on your list..hope my message will help…

  60. Shehnaaz says

    I tested positive for h pylori. I believe It started in my mouth possibly from a bad root canal. I am really struggling, It’s been 2 months and I lost a lot of weight. I don’t want to take the triple therapy antibiotics, want to kill this in the mouth and gums..
    I have the actual mastic gum resin . Taking manuka honey and adding coconut oil to my oats.

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