Raised Bed Gardening Plans and Tips
For Growing More Vegetables and Fruits

We love raised beds gardening because the beds are easy to maintain, produce lots of vegetables and fruits and simply look nice! So we decided to write a how-to guide with tips on building your own: “Raised Bed Gardening: How to Build a Raised Garden Bed with Plans and Examples Using Wood, Stone, Block and Other Materials (Gardening Guides)”.

The first step to growing lots of vegetables in a small place is building a raised garden bed.

Raised Bed Gardening offers:
raised garden bed plans

  • A Longer Growing Season
  • Higher Yields
  • Frames Readily Support Trellises, Cold Frames, Covers and Irrigation
  • Less Work and Easier Access for the Gardener
  • Ability to Garden on Unsuitable Sites
  • Saves Water
  • Allows the Physically Impaired to Garden

Our Raised Garden Bed Plans & Guide Contains:

  • Why Garden in a Raised Bed?
  • Advantages of Raised Bed Gardening
  • Ideas for Raised Bed Building Materials and Designs
  • Includes Material Lists to Build a Variety of Rectangular Raised Beds with Lumber – No Kit Needed!
  • Raised Beds and Slope of Garden Site
  • Detailed Plans for Building Raised Beds with Lumber Framing Construction | How High Should My Raised Bed Be?
  • Directions for Squaring and Leveling a Raised Bed
  • Example of Stepped Raised Bed Construction on a Steep Slope
  • “S”,”U”,” E” and “W” Raised Bed Designs
  • Soil Preparation – What Kind of Soil Should You Use
  • Is Pressure Treated Wood Safe to Use in Your Garden? What is the Best Wood to Use?
  • Includes 12 diagrams, 58 photos and 5 Tables
You Can Get Our Raised Bed Gardening Guide Here:
raised bed gardening plans and tips guide

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