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Best Rechargeable LED Headlamp Review

The Observer Tools Rechargeable LED Headlamp is the best headlamp I have used so far.

[Read more…]

DIY Homemade Ant Killer and Natural Ant Repellent Recipes

Get rid of ants with natural, homemade ant killer recipes.

Want to get rid of ants naturally?

Below is our ultimate guide of homemade ant killer and natural ant repellent recipes.

We have natural recipes that include: [Read more…]

10 DIY Tips To Lower Your Heating Bill, But Still Stay Warm And Cozy

According to the US Department of Energy, 45% of our energy bills is spent on heating our homes. You can save hundreds of dollars with minimal effort and you don’t have to do it by [Read more…]

Dish Network DVR Receiver Not Working? Here’s a Solution That DISH Won’t Tell You

using a usb fan to cool off Dish DVR and keep from rebootingDoes your DISH receiver (DVR 625, 722, 612, 512, Hopper models) keep turning on and off?

Does it constantly crash and reboot itself for [Read more…]

DIY Shower Head Repairs: 2 Oh-So-Wrongs and 1 Right

The following DIY shower head replacement is obviously more about being thrifty than anything else since the garden hose spray nozzle is [Read more…]

How to Fix Squeaky Floors with Squeak No More

how to stop squeaky floors

We used Squeeeek-No-More to stop a squeak under the carpet. Scroll down to view instructions and video on how to use it.

I used to help a friend of mine with framing houses. He always insisted that everything was plumb, level and square and he stressed that none of his floors or stairs would ever squeak.  Squeaks and “pops” are caused when the subfloor is free to move and rubs against [Read more…]

How to Install a Kitchen Faucet in 6 Steps – DIY Repair

Here are the steps for how to install a kitchen faucet. I had to remove and replace our faucet to fix a leak. I also had to remove the sink to attack the mold that had started growing.

Most of people don’t need remove the sink to replace a faucet, but the steps to replace a new faucet is the same. If the sink has not yet been installed, [Read more…]

How To Install a Kitchen Sink Drain Basket

Just like removing and installing the sink, installing a kitchen sink drain basket yourself is not a big deal and you don’t need a plumber. But it needs to be done correctly, so there are not any leaks. Depending on the size of the sink, a full [Read more…]

How Lowering Your Thermostat or Using a Programmable Thermostat Saves You Money

During the winter, we save a little money by keeping the thermostat set low.

It’s an easy thing to say, but it could be a hard thing to live with. Who wants to be cold all the time?

For me, there is nothing more miserable than [Read more…]

How To Replace A Kitchen Sink or Install A New Sink

These steps will show you how to replace a kitchen sink. If you haven’t already done so, first follow directions about how to remove a kitchen sink, remove a garbage disposal and, if necessary, remove any old caulking.

Drop-in sinks are designed to simply drop into a hole in the counter top. The weight of the sink is supported by the rim of the sink as it rests on the counter top. Some drop in sinks may also be held in place with hardware, but most drop in sinks are mainly held in place by their [Read more…]