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DIY Lip Scrub with Vaseline: Quick and Easy Recipe for Soft Lips

When creating a DIY lip scrub with Vaseline, it’s essential to incorporate some exfoliating ingredients that can help slough off dead skin cells effectively.

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Black Elderberry Syrup Recipe For Colds and Flu

Below is a recipe for making your own black elderberry syrup to use during cold and flu season.

black elderberry syrup recipe for colds and flu

If you want some background on how black elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) shortens and reduces the severity of cold and flu symptoms, you can read our previous post:
Does Black Elderberry Syrup Really Fight Cold and Flu Viruses?

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All Natural Sunscreen Recipe with Micronized Zinc Oxide

How to make an all-natural sunscreen recipe.Below is a simple all-natural sunscreen recipe that is free of all the toxic and hormone-disrupting ingredients in chemical sunscreens such as [Read more…]

Homemade Whipped Body Butter Recipe

An easy DIY body butter recipe.Making your own whipped body butter is fairly simple. The best part it’s completely natural and free of the toxic ingredients found in most conventional lotions such as [Read more…]

Does Black Elderberry Syrup Really Fight Cold and Flu Viruses?

sambucol elderberry syrup for colds and fluI started taking Black Elderberry Syrup during the winter a few years back. Why?

Because I heard it was good for fighting cold and flu viruses. But I don’t remember the source and if it was based on hearsay or scientific facts. So I did some digging and looked for scientific-based research for proof that [Read more…]

Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Grinder Makes a Great Cup of Coffee

hario mini mill slim hand coffee grinder

The Hario Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder is a hand-powered burr grinder that is an awesome alternative to the traditional, larger size conical burr grinders.


Because at a fraction of the price of a larger capacity, electric-powered burr grinder, you get the [Read more…]

Using a Blue Light Therapy Box for Insomnia and SAD

blue light therapy box for insomnia
I’ve always had trouble falling asleep and decided to give a light therapy box a try.

I’ve been using it consistently for over a year now and it has definitely improved my sleep-wake cycle.

Many nights I just could not fall asleep and [Read more…]

How to Use a Neti Pot to Prevent or Get Over Your Cold, Sinusitis or Allergies

If you suffer from chronic allergies, sinusitis or simply have a cold with nasal congestion, then using a Neti Pot (nasal cleansing pot) for nasal irrigation may benefit you tremendously.

I suffer from [Read more…]

Natural Homemade Mosquito Repellent as Effective as DEET

homemade mosquito repellent against variety of insectsA homemade mosquito repellent recipe is rather simple. The hard part is knowing which plant essential oils are best for repelling mosquitoes, flies, ticks and other biting insects.

So after reading numerous scientific research articles and [Read more…]

Favorite Natural Sweeteners as Sugar Substitutes: Xylitol, Agave Nectar & Stevia

We have tried a lot of natural sugar substitutes, including xylitol, stevia, agave nectar and monk fruit extract. There is a use for each one of them in my kitchen, but my favorite by far has been [Read more…]