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Best Plant-Based Natural Insect Repellents for Mosquitoes, Flies, Ticks and More

Wanting to only use chemical-free products, it make sense then to use a natural insect repellent. But I have used some natural repellents that have been quite unimpressive; the female mosquitoes land on my skin in [Read more…]

All Natural Zinc Oxide Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen – Better for Your Skin and Health?

I’ve always used a chemical sunscreen because I never liked the look of white paste over my skin from a physical sunscreen, like zinc oxide cream.

does chemical sunscreen ingredients act as endocrine disruptors

15 of 17 FDA-approved chemicals in sunscreens are considered endocrine disruptors.

However, there has been a lot of discussions lately how some of the ingredients used in chemical sunscreens may not be so good for our health, especially [Read more…]

Cold Hands or Feet? Our Homemade Hot Water Bottle Makes All The Difference

An old school solution we found that makes all the difference between being comfortable and being cold is a hot water bottle. If we have a warm bottle in our lap, we don’t notice the rest of the house is cold. We use it [Read more…]

Warning: Are You Taking Melatonin As A Sleeping Aid? You Shouldn’t. Here’s Why.

too much melatonin overdose 1mg

Sleep experts recommend taking no more than 1 mg of melatonin per day. But there are products that sell melatonin in much higher doses. 10 mg is 10x more than you should be taking.

Why? Because melatonin is not a sleeping aid. It does not help you fall asleep. It’s a hormone (naturally produced by the pineal gland in your brain) that helps regulate your sleep by tricking your body into thinking it is night-time. On average, your body produces between 0.3 mg – 0.8 mg of melatonin per day. [Read more…]

More Helicobacter pylori Natural Remedies

umf active manuka honey for h. pylori

Our previous article on H. pylori natural treatments focused on taking Active Manuka Honey and Mastic Gum to eradicate the bacteria.

Below I will discuss additional alternative, natural remedies don’t have as much hard research as Manuka Honey & Mastic Gum treatments do, but there is supportive evidence for aiding in [Read more…]

H. pylori Natural Treatment: Active Manuka Honey and Mastic Gum

active manuka honey natural remedy for h. pyloriTwo alternative H. pylori natural treatments for the bacterial infection include taking active manuka honey and/or mastic gum.

I’ve taken both and shared below some product background information as well as what has worked for me.

I have not taken them on blind faith or based on manufacturer claims, but have researched them as thoroughly as I can via [Read more…]

Helicobacter pylori Bacteria Cause Ulcers, Not Spicy Foods or Stress

Helicobacter pylori what? H. pylori is a bacterium that can cause chronic inflammation in the lining of the stomach leading to severe gastritis, ulcers and potentially stomach cancer. The bacteria burrows through the protective mucous layer of your stomach, creating a defect or vulnerable area which allows hydrochloric acid, pepsin and other stomach enzymes to damage the [Read more…]

Does Any Company Still Make All-Natural Ice Cream without Gums or Stabilizers?

haagen dazs five chocolate natural ice cream

Haagen Dazs Five (only 5-ingredients) All Natural Ice Cream

While ice cream brands like Breyers and Ben & Jerry’s (both owned by Unilever) have gone to the dark side, Häagen-Dazs has a new line called “Five” with only five natural ingredients.

As it should be. They offer Lemon, Coffee, Vanilla Bean and Milk Chocolate.

We read the ingredient lists of  each of these flavors and [Read more…]

Why We No Longer Eat Breyers Un-Natural Ice Cream

Do you remember the Breyers Ice Cream commercial about a young boy (little Johnny) trying to read the ingredients list of Brand X ice cream?

Little Johnny stuttered and stammered and just couldn’t sound out the words because the names of artificial ingredients like polysorbate 80 were too complicated for him.

Then they gave [Read more…]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment for Relief, Recovery and Prevention

I’ve been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and wrist tendonitis (tenosynovitis) on and off for several years now.carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms

It’s something I cannot ignore since I spend most of my day on the computer which is the main cause of my pain.

I have gone for long periods of time pain free (six months or more), but sometimes I fall back into bad habits. I get repetitive strain pain and I’m forced to remember I need to take care of my wrists.

Below I have listed some carpel tunnel treatments I have tried over the [Read more…]